1 week's notice required for all orders

*Everything we make is gluten free, dairy free, egg free, and does not contain nuts. 

With no artificial flavours or colours!*


Half dozen Regular $20

One dozen Mini $22


                                     Serves at least

1 layer 6 inch $32         6
2 layer 6 inch $64        10
1 layer 8 inch $42        12
2 layer 8 inch $84        20

Flavour options, 1 icing per minimum order or mixed of our selection

Chocolate or Vanilla Cake with your choice of vegan buttercream

*we do not use fondant, or any artificial colours or flavours*





Add $3 per 1/2 dozen regular cupcakes, $4 per 6 inch cake, $6 per 8 inch cake

Maple                   Chai                                        

Mocha                  Cookies n Cream  

Add $4 per 1/2 dozen regular cupcakes, $6 per 6 inch cake, $10 per 8 inch cake


  • Vanilla cake filled with graham crumbs and chocolate ganache, topped with vanilla buttercream, graham crumbs, and toasted vegan marshmallows


Black Forest

  • Chocolate cake filled with coffee buttercream, sour dark cherries, topped with vanilla buttercream, chocolate shavings and chocolate ganache covered cherries

Chewy Cookies

Half dozen $10

Ginger Molasses

Double Chocolate

Chocolate Chip

Cookie Sandwiches

Half dozen $25

Ginger – with vanilla or chai buttercream

Double Chocolate – with vanilla, chocolate or strawberry buttercream

Chocolate Chip – with vanilla or chocolate buttercream

Oatmeal – with cinnamon buttercream

Stuffed Cookies

Half dozen $18

'Oreo' cookie stuffed in a chocolate chip cookie


Half dozen Regular $14


Banana – chocolate chips optional

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